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Velvety soft and full of character

Velvety soft and full of character

Velvety soft and full of character

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Not all gins are created equal, and that proves it Hooghoudt's Premium Young Jenever. It is a smooth, refined and characterful drink that stands out from the rest.

Robin van der Bij



100% natural and velvety soft

It requires ultimate mastery of the complex distilling process, but we succeeded! Thanks to Grietje, the handmade still, named after the co-founder of the family distillery, and thanks to our master distillers. Together they managed to come up with a very special triple-fired herbal distillate of juniper, iris root and star anise. It gives the Hooghoudt Premium Young Jenever unprecedented taste nuances. Hints of elderflower and cardamom make the 100% natural and velvety gin irresistible.

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what am I tasting?

A special triple-fired herbal distillate gives Hooghoudt Premium Young Jenever unprecedented taste nuances. Distilling three times ensures an extra fine taste. The soft distillate contains juniper, iris root and star anise. Extracts of fennel seed, orange blossom and cardamom give Premium Jenever something sweet and floral

  • juniper berries

    juniper berries

    The juniper berry provides the characteristic taste of jenever: fresh bitter, slightly spicy. In collaboration with the Drentse Jeneverbesgilde, we pick these ourselves every year on the Drentse heath.

  • Fennel seed

    Fennel seed

    Fennel seed is a spice derived from the fennel plant. The seed has a distinctive aniseed flavor and a slightly sweet and spicy scent.

  • Orange blossom

    Orange blossom

    Orange Blossom is an aromatic liquid obtained from the blossoms of the orange tree. It has a delicate floral scent with hints of citrus.

  • cardamom


    Cardamom is a spice derived from the seeds of the cardamom plant. It has a strong, sweet and spicy taste with notes of citrus and camphor.

  • iris root

    iris root

    Iris root is the rhizome of the iris plant. Iris root has a pleasant scent and is used as an ingredient in perfumes, potpourri and sachets.

  • Star anise

    Star anise

    Star anise is a spice with a sweet and spicy taste, similar to anise. It is used in Asian and Middle Eastern dishes for added flavor.

  • Grain


    Grains are the seeds of grasses that are used as a food source worldwide. They are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and form the basis for many foods.

  • Elderflower


    Elderflower has a delicate, floral and slightly sweet taste with hints of honey, citrus and a hint of musk. It is refreshing and has a subtle aroma.

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What others ask us

Jenever is a traditional Dutch spirit, distilled from grains and flavored with juniper berries and other herbs. It has a distinctive flavor that ranges from light and refreshing to full and spicy. Jenever is often drunk neat, but can also be used as a basis for cocktails. It is a drink with a rich history and plays an important role in Dutch drinking culture. Taste the authentic taste of jenever and discover a piece of Dutch tradition in every sip.

According to the 'older' recipes, jenever is made with a higher percentage of malt wine than the 'younger' recipe. It's all about the malt wine.

We let a mixture of alcohol, water (or extract) and herbs boil. The fine aroma substances evaporate from the herbs and we condense them. This is how we capture flavors, but mainly smells. The color of the mixture remains in the kettle. Bee Hooghoudt we use for this.

A juniper is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the cypress family. It is a common plant in Europe, Asia and North America. The berries of the juniper are used to make jenever and gin, and have a characteristic taste and smell. They are also used as a seasoning in cooking.