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    Raw genever
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    Sweet spiced genever
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    Aged 6 years
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    PX 7 Years
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    Dutch Paloma
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    Dirty Genever
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    Beerenburg Cola
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Curious as we are, our ancestors tasted the new liquid that was created when the distiller accidentally dropped bitter into the liqueur. The whole family, because that's how we see our colleagues, was immediately sold. Experimenting, we loved that years ago. Since then, this lemon cinnamon liqueur has become world famous in our city. And far beyond.

De Fladderak is a soft liqueur with lemon and cinnamon from Jacob Hooy since 1743. Extracted from natural ingredients according to our special family recipe. Since December 1933, Fladderak has been known for its pure taste. A 100% natural product, where we keep an eye on the influence of direct sunlight on taste and color.


Serve tips

  • Drink it neat or with some ice
  • Serving temperature: room temperature
  • Alcohol: 26%
  • Content: 0,5 liters

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