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Aged 24 Years gin

Aged 24 Years gin

Aged 24 Years gin

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A true time capsule of taste and grace, Aged 24 years reflects the art of patience and craftsmanship. With every drop it pays homage to the rich heritage of jenever.

Robin van der Bij

Master Distiller

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The circle is round

The series will ultimately consist of 23% malt wine Genevers aged 27 to 100 years from exceptional ex-Oloroso barrels that are bottled at cask strength. In 1998 by Hero Jan, third generation Hooghoudt, fired and put in barrel after which the then copper boiler was allowed to retire. Bottled now 23 years later by Bert, fourth generation, as he and his children put the finishing touches to a new distillery as part of the Graanrepubliek in Bad Nieuweschans. The circle is round.

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What am I tasting?

Full nose with rich scents of currants and raisins with notes of dried fig, caramel and ceylon tea. Subsequently, subtle notes of black cherry, coconut, cranberry, orange peel and a hint of fresh lemongrass unfold. You discover sultry ripe tones with wonderfully fresh elements that are perfectly balanced.

Full and powerful taste, the recognizable sherry Oloroso with roasted almonds, sun-dried fig and a subtle range of flavors such as Ceylon tea, oak wood, honey, caramel, black cherry, a hint of coconut, lemongrass with a hint of orange peel and fruity freshness of cranberry that come together in a long, rich finish.

  • juniper berries

    juniper berries

    The juniper berry provides the characteristic taste of jenever: fresh bitter, slightly spicy. In collaboration with the Drentse Jeneverbesgilde, we pick these ourselves every year on the Drentse heath.

  • orange peel

    orange peel

    Orange peel refers to the outer layer of an orange's peel, also known as the orange skin. It has a strong, aromatic smell and an intense taste.

  • Figs


    Figs are delicious fruits that come from the fig tree, a species of tree that grows in many parts of the world. They have a smooth and sweet taste with a slight nutty undertone.

  • lemongrass


    Lemongrass is an aromatic herb widely used in Asian cooking for its refreshing citrus flavor and scent. It has long, stem-like leaves that resemble grass and a subtle lemony flavor.

  • Cherry


    Cherries have a delicious sweet taste. They have a deep red color and are prized for their delicious taste and nutritional value.

  • Ceylon tea

    Ceylon tea

    Ceylon tea is a type of tea produced on the island of Sri Lanka. It is known for its high quality and characteristic taste. Ceylon tea has a clear and refreshing taste.

  • Cranberry


    Cranberries are small, round fruits that belong to the heather family. They have a bright red color and a slightly sour taste. They are valued for their health benefits, being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

  • Roasted almonds

    Roasted almonds

    Toasted almonds are almonds that have been heated until they get a crunchy and brown texture. Roasting improves the flavor and imparts a nutty, savory flavor to the almonds.

  • Honey


    Honey is a naturally sweet product produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. It has a delicious sweet taste and a viscous texture.



Each barrel symbolizes a generation Hooghoudt. Our range includes 23-27 years aged malt wine gins from ex-Oloroso casks.


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Unfortunately we do not currently provide tours of our distillery. You can now visit the 'Oude Remise' cooperative de Graanrepubliek in Bad Nieuweschans for a guided tour or cocktail workshop. Book your experience via

We allow malt wine, grain alcohol and even our classic JDG to mature in oak sherry casks or port casks. The tones of the barrel, and what was once in it, soak into the alcohol. This is how special flavors are created.

Sherry oloroso barrels are barrels originally used to age sherry wine. Oloroso is a type of sherry that is darker, richer and more intense in flavor. These casks are often used in the gin (and whiskey) industry to age gin, enriching the gin with the characteristic sherry notes, such as dried fruit, nuts and spices.