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    Raw genever
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    Sweet spiced genever
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    Aged 6 years
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    PX 7 Years
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    Dutch Paloma
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    Dirty Genever
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    Beerenburg Cola
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When you think of gin, you quickly end up in the corner of the copper kettles, leather aprons, small glasses on wooden shelves and hands in the grain. Craft. Nice and cozy and warm and above all very familiar. Very nice, but we thought that things could and should be done differently. Rigorous change of course!
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So a new bottle, and a new label, with a new logo.

The bottle has a rich, sober central and iconic base. Straight in shape, round in styling and based on the bottle in which Holland Gin (the English name for jenever) used to be bottled as soon as it reached the American mainland. Characteristic of the bottle are various elements of Hooghoudt, such as Hero Jan's signature Hooghoudt.

On the label, recognizable icons tell the versatile story of jenever; after all, the possibilities and taste descriptions are endless.

Below we explain a number of icons, but above all let your own thoughts go; there is so much to discover!

A logo from the rich history of Hooghoudt, stands for the more than 130 year old family business.


Lips, represent the enjoyment of rich flavors. For passion. From us to you.


Broken glass represents the downside of alcohol, we stand for enjoy and drink in moderation.


Joker, represents the side of alcohol where you feel free and have pleasant conversations.


Juniper berries, the namesake of our drink. A berry with a rich history.


1888, the year of foundation. Family Distillery Hooghoudt starts in a cellar on the Oosterstraat. A street in the center of Groningen.