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Rapper JeBroer prescribes an Apres-ski hit Hooghoudt

Rapper Jebroer is the face of our new winter campaign 'Whoop Whoop Winter'.
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Rapper Jebroer can keep walking around for a while, because in the near future he will be together with Hooghoudt Turning Dutch pubs upside down. Idiosyncrasy and craftsmanship play an important role in this collaboration. “Tim (real name Jebroer, ed.) is a true craftsman who performs his work with great love and pleasure. He is only satisfied when the customer is – and that is how we see it. He can convey the party feeling around Beerenburg like no other”. Says Hannah Ellens, brand manager Hooghoudt. His après-ski hit 'Life After Death' was written for Hooghoudt will be the party song during the 70(!) Whoop activations, of which Jebroer will perform at three activations.

As part of the Whoop Whoop Winter campaign, we are introducing two new mixes in collaboration with Bureau Natwerk: the Snow Horn and the Black Piste. Jebroer raps about the two drinks in his new hit 'Leven Na De Dood'; 'With a snow horn from the Black slopes' and demonstrates in his clip how the drinks are drunk. Especially the Snow Horn will become a real party ritual during the Whoop activations. This shot of Kalmoes Beerenburg is served in a skilat with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Nose dip and drink your shot.

Jebroer, real name Tim Kimman, has pushed the boundaries in the Dutch rap world in his own way. Rapping is his outlet, in which he often shows his sensitive side. Tim knows better than anyone what it takes to become truly successful: hard work and hard work. He worked as an amen with big names such as Boaz, Yellow Claw, Ronnie Fles, Candy Dulfer and Wudstik. And climbed the stages of the largest festivals in the Netherlands, such as Noorderslag, PinkPop and Tomorrowland.


About Kalmoes Beerenburg

The Snow Horn
A new après-ski party ritual: The Snow Horn. One shot Hooghoudt Calmus Beerenburg with a dollop of whipped cream. Whipped cream on your nose and go!

The Black Run
The Black Piste is a mix of Hooghoudt Calmus Beerenburg and cola in a pitcher filled with ice. For you and your friends!

Calmus Beerenburg
Kalmoes Beerenburg is a powerful bitter, made with no less than 77 herbs and the finest gin from the family distillery. The taste is soft and pure due to the character of the calamus root. This discovery of Hero Jan Hooghoudt is his idiosyncratic variation on the original Beerenburg recipe. Due to the soft taste Kalmoes Beerenburg is very suitable for pure enjoyment.