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Hooghoudt x Hertog Jan

Groningen meets Limburg. Jenever meets beer. In other words, our master distiller Frank Leystra meets master brewer Gerard van den Broek from Hertog Jan. Surprising encounters often yield surprising results. That certainly applies in this case. What started as an experiment has resulted in a very special couple: A Grand Prestige Barrel-aged beer, with the unmistakable signature of Hooghoudt, say a beer with a hint of jenever and in addition, as a perfect companion, a Grand Prestige Jenever.
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Gerard and Frank toast to a successful collaboration

Barrel aged Grand Prestige 2019
What's the case? Hertog Jan, the authentic brewery from Arcen in Limburg, which still brews in the traditional way, releases a top-class beer every year. Her annual crown jewel: the Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt. The name says it all: a beer that has matured in barrels.

This year, Hertog Jan wanted to mature her Grand Prestige in gin barrels. To do this, she approached the cream of the crop of the national jenever world: Rutte, Zuidam and Hooghoudt. This resulted in three very different flavours. No wonder, we use all three other barrels.

Hertog Jan matured in almost a hundred year old sherry casks (oloroso type)
We from Hooghoudt use oloroso barrels. They already have a long history before we start using them. They are already about eighty years old, come from Andalusia and have had sherry in them all that time. As a result, they give off a nutty flavor with notes of dried fruit. After we have refurbished the barrels, we leave ours there korenwijn in bearings. After three years you don't know what you taste. That is a jenever that can compete with the very best whiskies.

Anyway, the Hertog Jan beer has matured for a number of months in those special barrels. Our master distiller also has his own Hooghoudtextract of herbs and spices added. This resulted in a refined, spicy and characteristic taste. Roasted malt. A hint of caramel.

Family Hooghoudt visiting the Hertog Jan brewery in Arcen


Fifty barrels. Brewed for the enthusiast
Result: a beautiful beer. Of no less than 14,3%. In a very limited edition. Fifty barrels. Exclusively for lovers of really special beer. With a northern-based bouquet of herbs and spices. Limburg beer with the taste of Groningen. A beer not to be missed.

Grand Prestige Jenever. For a headbutt of class
In addition to this special Hertog Jan beer, we have developed the Grand Prestige Jenever. Also one time. Distilled based on Hertog Jan Grand Prestige. Nice, full structure. Ripe juniper. Notes of bay leaf. Due to the fermentation with Hertog Jan Grand Prestige, here again that roasted malt and a hint of caramel.

Grand Prestige beer and gin. A couple of class. Flavors that are flawlessly attuned to each other like the haute couture of a lady in the front row at the opera. An unprecedented headbutt.
Available in breweries and catering
The three Grand Prestige Vatgerijpt variants and the special Grand Prestige Jenever will be presented on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March in the Hertog Jan brewery in Arcen. From Monday 25 March they will also be available in the brewery and webshop of Hertog Jan and in the catering industry from members of Het Genootschap van Hertog Jan (including Café Wolthoorn & Co and Diner Café Soestdijk, both located in Groningen).

More information about presentation and sales can be found at