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Hooghoudt take the first step in conquering America

Family Distillery Hooghoudt announces a new partnership with distributor Park 375 Avenue Spirits. The latter is part of Sazerac Company and serves the United States from Louisville, Kentucky.
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Hooghoudt has been showing the world what is possible with jenever since 1888 and can rightly call itself a legacy brand. Today the distillery is announcing their availability in the United States. Made earlier Hooghoudt It is already known that their jenevers are available on the Chinese market via export company Dumilco. Be from 2022 Hooghoudt Holland Gin (known in the Dutch market as Hooghoudt Raw Genever), Hooghoudt Aged Genever 5 years, Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever and Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 available in the United States.

Jenever appeals to an increasingly wider and more modern public. There is an increasing need for more depth in flavor and real stories. Not only botanicals are used in jenever, as with Gin, but also copper-fired malt wine that makes the taste much fuller and grainier. Furthermore, the rich history provides a beautiful and relevant story. Whiskey enthusiasts are also increasingly discovering jenever due to an increasing need for more playful flavors that jenever can respond to via botanicals.

Hooghoudt Holland Gin is a 100% malt wine jenever with a fresh and spicy character. A full rich grain flavor in combination with juniper berries and fresh herbs and spices. Hooghoudt Holland Gin recently won a gold medal at the International Spirit Challenge, the Gin Masters and the San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Hooghoudt Aged Genever 5 Years is a unique jenever based on a balanced grain mix consisting of: wheat, corn and rye that are 100% traditionally distilled in copper. Hooghoudt Aged Genever 5 years won a Silver Award in 2020 during the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever is a surprising and contemporary jenever, with juniper, vanilla, cinnamon, licorice, mace and coriander seed. This versatile jenever won a silver medal at both the San Francisco World Spirit competition and The Spirit Masters.

Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 is an alcohol-free spirit with juniper, lavender and a hint of elderflower, based on the authentic second generation recipe Hooghoudt. Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 won a silver medal in 2021 during The Spirit business Low/No competition

375 Park Avenue Spirits

Founded in 375, 1981 Park Avenue Spirits is an independent part of Sazerac Company, a multi-billion dollar company specializing in innovative spirits and wine brands from around the world. 375 Park Avenue Spirits is known for their international collaborations. Their extensive portfolio includes JP Wiser's Canadian Whisky, the Colombian Dictador Rum, the French brands Castarède and Saint-Vivant Armagnacs, the Italian Limoncello Rossi D'Asiago and the Scotch Cutty Sark whisky.

International ambition

Arno Donkersloot, Director of Hooghoudt: 'The family Hooghoudt and all of our colleagues are extremely proud to partner with 375 Park Avenue Spirits. This collaboration is in line with our ambition to Hooghoudt internationally within this unique, historical and versatile category. 375 Park Avenue Spirits know what they're doing when it comes to putting down craft spirit brands. In the past decade we have seen an enormous increase in interest in Genever and we believe that our modern, distinctive and innovative drinks belong in the American market right now.'