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Hooghoudt Orange Cocktails

Watch the exciting European Championship matches while enjoying a delicious Orange cocktail? You made these quickly and they are also very tasty!
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Hooghoudt King's Spritz
Fresh and wonderfully fruity. The Hooghoudt King's Spritz has a wonderfully refreshing taste and is football fan orange. With this cocktail in hand you will certainly get in the mood for cozy evenings in front of the tube with our Dutch pride on TV. Go Holland go!

– Burgundy glass filled with ice
- 50 ml Hooghoudt Orange liqueur
– 50 ml Mineral water
– Fill the glass with Prosecco
– 2 orange segments for garnish

Recipes: Fill a Burgundy glass with ice cubes. Pour 50 ml Hooghoudt orange liqueur and 50 ml mineral water (for example Spa Red) in the glass. Fill the glass with Prosecco. Cut two segments from an orange and place them in the glass as a garnish and your fantastic orange cocktail is ready!

Sweet, Spicy and Fruity
De Hooghoudt Sweet, Spicy and Fruity is ideal for those who like cocktails with a kick. The mix is ​​sweet, but also surprising due to the addition of Ginger Ale and mint. Served in a highball glass you have at least enough to get through the first half. A fun evening guaranteed!

– Highball glass filled with ice
- 30 ml Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever
- 20 ml Hooghoudt Orange liqueur
– Fill the glass with ginger ale
– Sprig of mint and a slice of orange for garnish

Recipes: Fill a Highball glass with ice cubes. Pour 30 ml Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever and 20 ml Hooghoudt Orange liqueur in the glass. Top off the glass with Ginger Ale. Place a sprig of mint and a slice of orange in it as a garnish. Et Voilà, your orange EK cocktail is ready.