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Hooghoudt Beerenburg launches new winter campaign

With 'Whoop Whoop Winter' we bring a little 'fun' back to the category and our Beerenburg. A winter party full of craziness and beautiful moments. We are launching two new ones for our winter campaign Hooghoudt mixing Beerenburg; the Snow Horn and the Black Run.
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For our winter campaign, the preconditions of quality and craftsmanship remain self-evident. With this wintry party, we only want to give the humor that we have been showing since 1888 a leading role in our campaigns. With 'Whoop Whoop Winter' we celebrate winter all year round. We will organize a winter party in more than 70 Dutch pubs. An après-ski party including skis, snowmobiles, Hooghoudt Party Wheel and a Snow Yeti. Can't get crazier!

The Snow Horn
A new après-ski party ritual: The Snow Horn. One shot Hooghoudt Calmus Beerenburg with a dollop of whipped cream. Whipped cream on your nose and go!

The Black Run
The Black Piste is a mix of Hooghoudt Calmus Beerenburg and cola in a pitcher filled with ice. For you and your friends!

About the herbal bitters

Calmus Beerenburg
Kalmoes Beerenburg is a powerful bitter, made with no less than 77 herbs and the finest gin from the family distillery. The taste is soft and pure due to the character of the calamus root. This discovery of Hero Jan Hooghoudt is his idiosyncratic variation on the original Beerenburg recipe. Due to the soft taste Kalmoes Beerenburg is very suitable for pure enjoyment.

Authentic Beerenburg
Authentic Beerenburg is closest to the recipe of the very first Beerenburg. A strong bitter with 74 herbs, drawn on Hooghoudts best gin. Rich and pure in taste. That makes the Authentic Beerenburg ideal for mixing with soft drinks such as cola and orange juice.

Soft bitter Herbs & Honey
Soft bitter Herbs & Honey is a full, spicy bitter with 53 herbs, also drawn on Hooghoudts best gin. This liqueur among the bitters has a honey-soft taste and is therefore very accessible. Heather honey is used in the recipe. Very suitable in or next to hot drinks such as coffee and chocolate milk.