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Bearing oloroso barrels

The malt wine for our aged jenevers is aged for at least 3 years on 20-year Oloroso sherry casks. The barrels give off a nutty flavor with slightly sweet notes of currants and raisins.


We age the malt wine for our aged gins for at least 3 years on 20-year-old Oloroso sherry casks. Producing suitable casks is as precise a process as distilling jenever. We use European or American oak for the lagering of our malt wine. In European oak, the pores of the wood are more closed than in American oak, which ensures a more gradual maturation. Liquids on American oak therefore undergo a more vigorous maturation than on European oak. The branding (toasting) is also different. American oak barrels are burned completely, European oak barrels are burned in gradations from light to heavy.

This affects the taste of the liquid. American oak is often dried in large drying ovens and is ready within a few months. European oak often dries in the
outside air and that process takes at least a year and a half. The wood for sherry casks is roasted over an open fire to influence the flavor release of the wood. In addition, the age of the barrels is very decisive, young barrels give off a stronger flavor than old barrels. Old barrels give off more subtle flavours. Our choice for Oloroso sherry casks
so old that they are still nailed is not a coincidence. Oloroso is a full-bodied sherry with a sweetish taste. As a result, the oak barrels give notes of currants and raisins, nuts, wood and soft tannins to the jenever. Hooghoudt the sherry Oloroso comes from Pepe casks. He really still makes them by hand, pure craftsmanship. His relationship with local bodegas ensures that Hooghoudt the best old barrels. These old casks are running out and are therefore highly sought after by other distillers (mainly whisky). Sherry (also: xeres or xeres wine) is a Spanish fortified wine from the region of Jerez de la Frontera in the extreme south of Andalusia. Only wine from this region can call itself sherry.

Taste: Nutty with slightly sweet notes of currants and raisins.
Process: Alcohol lagering.
Origin: Oak barrels from various sherry houses in Andalusia.
Ambition: Experiment with different types of used barrels such as bourbon, merlot, port, and different types of wood.


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