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Hooghoudt SINCE 1888

A few days after 'Gronings Ontzet' on August 28, 1888, Grietje and Hero Jan opened Hooghoudt (who was originally a baker) proudly opens the doors of a shop, tasting room and distillery. They experimented with flavors and new recipes there. Fruit, peels, seeds and herbs were steeped in alcohol to make the most delicious drinks.

Since 1888
Call us stubborn Groningers, but we invented and made everything in our bottles ourselves. And we have been doing this for four generations. It all started with our lively great-grandmother in 1888. She was experimenting behind the stills at a time when women did not even have the right to vote. Gretel Hooghoudt This set the tone for what later became our mission: the never-ending search for the tastiest flavours. That is why we have always continued to innovate our recipes. Every drop Hooghoudt tells this story in its own way. Made from ingredients that we preferably source from the region and that are always selected for quality. We've been doing that since 1888, and if it's up to us, we always will.


Did you know?

Of the hundreds of jenever distilleries that the Netherlands has known, is Hooghoudt one of the few fully independent distilleries that has survived. It earned us the designation of Royal Warrant Holder, as the only jenever maker in our country. How did that happen? We take care of our distillery as if it were a child, because sooner or later it belongs to our children. Every generation Hooghoudt contributes to our family heritage, and cherishes the legacy of his parents. Our parents.


Step 1

first generation

The entrepreneurs

Step 2

Second generation

The experiment and loyalty

Step 3

Third generation

The marketer and trader

Step 4

Fourth generation

The exporter and philosopher

Step 5

Fifth generation

Passion and future


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4th generation: the exporter and philosopher

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Dutch Courage

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juniper berries